About Us

About Us

We, M Shah & Co., laid our foundation back in the year of 1932 to highlight our technical capabilities in the medical field. Ever since, we have represented the industry as a manufacturer, supplier and service provider of a wide range of medical solutions. Our specialized collection comprises of products such as Flush Mounted Auto Door Steam Sterilizer, Deluxe Side Control Operation Table, Large Size Steam Sterilizer, Centrically Placed Extra Large Piston Operation Table and many others. All of our products are designed & manufactured as per the technological advancements and ensured to be complying the absolute best quality specifications. Over the decades, our popularity has risen at a remarkable pace and this is because of the continuous support and guidance of our founders. 

Founders & Co-Founders

Given below are the founders & co-founders of our company:



Manubhai Vitthaldas Shah

Vinodchandra V. Shah

Hiralaxmi Manubhai Shah

Natwarlal V. Shah

Quality Assurance

Quality, being the forte of our company has helped us in serving the medical industry with the best products. We follow quality assurance ways in every step of product development which can be eventually reflected in our outstanding range including Deluxe Side Control Operation Table, Centrically Placed Extra Large Piston Operation Table, Flush Mounted Auto Door Steam Sterilizer, Large Size Steam Sterilizer, etc.

Tale of Time of M. Shah & Co.



Prior to 1932

  • At the ago of 16, Mr. Manubhai V. Shah (our grandfather) came to Bombay from his small village in Kadi (near Kapadwanj in Gujarat), looking for a job.
  • Mr. Chamanlal Mehta was his Mama Ji, who looked after him and guided him towards his journey.
  • He did numerous jobs and acquired experience in Bombay for over 11 years.

1932 to 1942

  • Despite having basic education, in the year 1932, our grandfather founded M. Shah & Co., in the British Raj in Bombay.
  • In the next 2-3 years, he invited his brothers, Vinodkaka and Natukaka to join his company.
  • With their utmost dedication, the company acquired the sole distributorship for Becton-Dickison (BD-USA), which was the start of a new era for them.

1942 to 1952

  • The National Surgical Company was a production facility that was established at Worli, Bombay for operation theatre equipment and sterilizers.
  • It become a leading company in the hospital supply field and retained that status for a long period.

1952 to 1962

  • The business was extended by placing offices in New Delhi, Madras and Calcutta.
  • Merely at the ago of 50, the founder of the company, our grandfather passed away on 2 April 1956.
  • The second generation of the family began joining the company from 1959 and took various responsibilities according to their expertise.
  • For manufacturing manometers and hypodermic needles, a new and widely spread facility was established in Baroda, for B-D products in collaboration with U.S. Becton-Dickison.
  • The was a major step for our company with an overseas joint venture and this facility named Shah Medical & Surgical Co. Ltd. (SAMCO) remained a flagship company for a long time.

1962 to 1972

  • In the year 1970, another unit was established in Baroda, named Medicare Equipment Company which was involved in production of operation theatre equipment & sterilizers.
  • With an aim to produce medical plastic disposables, we became a diversified company for the first time in history and for the same, a facility named, Surgiplast Pvt. Ltd., was set-up in Ahmedabad in the early 70s.

1972 to 1982

  • In this decade, we added many new products to our collection.
  • Medicare began the production of autocycles & autodoor in Baroda to be incorporated with conventional autoclaves.
  • For the very first time in India, Mediquip Remote control operation table was manufactured in Medicare and received an eminent award of Imports Substitute Product from the Ministry of Health, Govt. Of India.
  • Our company also started manufacturing innovative Skull Clamp for the first time in India and was introduced in the year of 1982 to help Neurosurgical operations in the country.

1982 to 1992

  • Our company became a leader in developing intraocular lenses for cataract surgeries in India.
  • We took the distributorship of world class ophthalmic collection of products from Allergan, Meditech & Storz for Indian ophthalmologists.
  • Samir Surgitech Pvt. Ltd. was founded in Baroda in this decade and undertook the complete marketing of these items all over the country.
  • A facility for Phaco Surgery for cataract and refractive surgery on eyes was created in Baroda and soon after, this centre turned into service industry of the parent company.

1992 to 2002

  • In this decade, a regional centre of our company was developed in the city of Pune.
  • In Pune, Visioncare Consumables was established as exclusively a marketing company for Ophthalmic consumables.
  • Angiplast Pvt. Ltd. was formed in Ahmedabad and our production activities tripled both in Baroda as well as in Ahmedabad during this consequential decade. Both of the factories are ISO and CE certified currently.

2002 to 2012

  • In this decade, our company made tremendous professional strides but had to experience some emotional difficulties.
  • On 8th September 2007, we lost our youngest Kaka, Piyushkaka. His contribution while being in U.S. for 14 years and while in India for 16 years can never be overlooked.
  • Because of a cardiac ailment, the eldest son of Natukaka took heavenly abode on 2 August 2009. He was the first to represent the company as team of the second generation.
  • In the early 2009, our company launched an energy saving device namely, M. Shah Nano Cycle which ultimately acquired recognition from the State of Maharashtra as power saving console for high pressure vessels.
  • Sadly, on 17 August, 2011 we lost Bipinkaka in Ahmedabad after a sudden short illness. He worked from Ahmedabad for 40 years and aided all companies to grow in terms of manufacturing, marketing as well as finance.
  • Our company introduced the Mediquamata Remote Control Operation Tabled in September 2011, which was developed in Pune. It is an ultramodern product which complies with the international quality standards. The product is priced much reasonably, considering the urban as well as rural markets of India.
  • On 21 January 2012, we all gathered to celebrate the present while embracing our marvelous heritage with a nostalgic past.

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